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Nick Swinmurn DETHRONED

Posted by AHopkins On January - 12 - 2011
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Sports throughout the years have brands that are as recognized as much as the sport itself. Like a Louisville Slugger is to baseball, and Champion is to boxing, Tapout quickly raised itself to be the King brand of MMA. Tapout was one of the first MMA clothing companies on the scene, founded by Charles Lewis, Jr.(“Mask”), and Dan Caldwell (“Punkass”) in 1997.Since then, they’ve been the rulers with MMA fans as well as fighters… till now. The king just might get dethroned!

In 2009, a new brand exploded on the scene, Dethrone Royalty.Dethrone Royalty founder, Nick Swinmurn, is no stranger to brand building.Nick helped found as well as Stagr custom apparel. Custom apparel was such a cumbersome process on the back end, that after a year, he shut it down.Dethrone Royalty started aggressively sponsoring an array of the top fighters in every origination in the world. Fighters such as Jon Finch, Josh Koscheck, Shane Carwin, and Heavyweight champion of the UFC, Cain Velasquez. Dethrone Royalty quickly won over fight fans and satisfied their hunger for a new look in MMA with their fresh new graphic tee’s that strayed away from skull, flames, and blood. Dethrone Royalty mixes the styles of urban and skate wear, with the sprit of the fight world to create their own unique style that’s all their own.

Over the past two years Dethrone Royalty has grown to be one of the most recognized Brands in MMA today as well as one of the prefered brand of Fighters U. If you have been living in a cave, or are a new fan to MMA checkout the new king, Dethrone Royalty!

“Life’s a fight, don’t fight alone” Fletch

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  1. Otis Said,

    He needed no time finishing off the trash-talking Sonnen 28-13-1.
    Fighters need to make people want to watch thai gloves.
    Elbow and uppercut from Cormier. Sonnen is a loose cannon and a master at promoting fights
    through his unique, outspoken, pro-wrestling infused
    antics. From here, Cureton’s inexperience forces him to sit back and endure relentless body shots and hammerfists from Hendricks. A potential mega-fight between thai gloves Welterweight Champion Georges St.

    Posted on June 3rd, 2013 at 9:25 pm

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